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This is common JavaScript error occurred while working with asp.net. I have faced this problem numerous times and believe me this is really very cumbersome error. This error occurs because of badly written JavaScript or due to access permission to the particular file, folder or image(s). Sometimes in your code if you have written path which does not exist in your .net web application. This kind error may occur. Friends, I have got this error many times and trust me each and every time its tuff to find where the problem is. Even my colleagues got this kind error many times. I have searched a lot about this error on Internet but not able to find the exact solution. Everybody is saying that it’s because of unclosed quotation mark in JavaScript. It’s true but not in every case.
In addition, what happens sometime you may not get this error while you work locally and the time when you deploy it to web-server you will get ‘unterminated string constant’ error. Am I correct ?
Here are the checklists/suggestions to resolve this error.
  1. Check you javascript for unclosed quotation mark. Check inline as well as reference JavaScript file. Starts with inline JavaScript.

  3. Give proper permission (rights) to directory under which your aspx page laying. Ex. Rights for IIS user, ASP.net process.

  5. Also check permission (rights) for image directory, if you are working with images.

  7. Check for the hard coded path in the CS(Class file in C#) ,if any, check existence for the path.



I hope the solutions above might be useful to resolve unterminated string constants error.


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We all know how to create database, how to create tables etc… But do we know how to improve query performance when your database growing. Imaging the situation when your table will have more than a million rows. Just think what will be the query output time??

I personally working on the application where there are daily around more than 5000 transactions happens. So you can imagine what will be my table size after a few months. When I was writing this article, my table already has around ½ million rows.

I personally feel that this kind of large database will teach you a lot about the real power of SQL Server and best practices.

In my case, the query which was giving me result in less than a second, now taking more than 30 seconds. It’s because of half a million rows in transaction table. That’s the worst thing in terms of performance.

Luckily, I got help from Mr. Pinal Dave, he is Most Valuable Person (MVP) , he is SQL Guru, he is founder of sqlauthority.com, he has written more than 900 blogs till now. He is lot more than that. He is well known personality in the IT world.

He taught me and my of my co-workers, how to use joins, indexes and many more SQL related things. He solved my problem efficiently and also explain me the things he has done on tables. I learn a lot from that and I am confident that I can improve performance of large database.

You can contact me for the SQL Query Optimization related issues.

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