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I would not go into detail, I want you to take some action now. Do the things below if it is applicable to your web site.

  • Remove Flash
    Flash is useless if you want better ranking in search engine. it does not cater any purpose.


  • Convert image into text
    If you have image in your page that contain simple plain text then better you should use real text instead of image. More content on your page better your ranking in search engine.

  • Enrich content with good keywords
    If you have enough content for your website then make sure your content is enriched with better keyword. Better keyword matters a lot. To choose best keywords you can use Google Keyword Suggestion tool. Use heading tag, bullet list, bold, Italic effect.
  • If Possible, Navigation Links should have proper keywords in it.

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Title tag is very important if you want to have good page ranking in major search engine. Title tag now only tells the browser about the page’s title but it’s the SUBJECT line for GOOGLE kind of search engine.

You can find title tag just below the <HEAD> tag.

Example of title tag :

<TITLE>Your title text here</TITLE>

Make sure each of your web page has title tag and it’s well written. One more thing there should be only one title tag per page. 🙂

Also DESCRIPTION tag is very important for SEO. Previously GOOGLE was not looking at description tag for keywords and contents , instead it was taking the required information from the page itself. But now GOOGLE is also looking at DESCRIPTION tag.

There are three cases that you should keep in mind while writing META DESCRIPTION tag.

  1. If GOOGLE found all the keywords from the description tag then, GOOGLE displays the whole content in the search
  2. If GOOGLE found the partial keywords in the description tag then, in that case google takes the search content from the web page.
  3. But it GOOGLE does not found any keywords compare to page then it avoids DESCRIPTION tag as a whole.

Example of META DESCRIPTION tag :

<META NAME=”description” CONTENT=”write you description”> 

If you want to learn more about HTML then you can visit the W3C School website.

I thing I am clear enough :).

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After you add your page into Google search index, It is obvious question arise in mind that does my web page properly indexed in Google or not. If this is the case, then you should try the following search terms in Google Search to know the current scenario of your web page.
try cache:htp://hiteshagja.blogspot.com(change domain name)
This will show that your page is in Google Cache or not. 
Also try site:skywardsms.com -abcdefg(change domainname)
This search term tells the Google that please show me the pages according to domain which does not contain the word abcdefg. So you will get all the pages from the Google from your domain which does not contain the world abcdefg.
If you don’t find anything in the above search term then simply type your domain name in search textbox and press search button. If your site is in Google database then you will see in the search page otherwise it’s not. This is the case with all the search engines. You can try this thing in all the search engines.

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Search Engine Basics

  • Search engine is the place where you can search millions of web pages and directories for your desired search term.
  • Search engine uses thousands of computers that use software known as spiders or robots.
  • Different search engine uses different method for ranking of web page
  • Most of the search sites result come from different source.
  • Most popular search engines are
  1. Google.com
  2. AOL.com
  3. Yahoo.com
  4. MSN.com
  5. AskJeeves.com
  6. InfoSpace.com
  7. AltaVista.com
  8. Overture.com
  9. Netscape.com
  10. EarthLink.com
  11. LookSmart.com
  12. Lycos.com

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Microsoft VS 2010 beta 1  is just released and it’s better than before.

Download VS 2010 Community Technology Preview (CTP)

You can also learn the complete list of features provided in the vs2010.

Follow the link : http://www.microsoft.com/visualstudio/en-us/products/2010/default.mspxOr direct download from Microsoft. PDF | XPS

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In this article I am going to explain how you can use at commands for mobile application development. Before I am going to explain AT command I want to share some knowledge with you. AT commands are for GSM modem only so in order to execute at command you need mobile with GSM modem. Each mobile has either a Text mode or PDU mode or both. Depend upon the different mobile manufacture. So there are different at commands for different modes.

How can you execute AT Command ?
You can execute AT commands by programmatically or by HyperTerminal.
Go to Start >> Programs >> Accessories >> Communications >> HyperTerminal

And then connect your mobile using serial port and start play with AT commands.

If you want to develop a mobile application then you should go with C/C++, VB, VB.net, C#.net. My choice of language is C#.net.

.net has a class for serial port communication which you can use directly and built your application. You need the deep knowledge of threading and delegate to develop such kind of application.
Capabilities of AT commands are seamless. By using AT commands you can send SMS,Receive SMS, Call etc… In short you can handle all your mobile handset function by using your PC.
AT commands for Text Mode :
AT+CSMS Select Message Service
AT+CPMS Preferred Message Storage
AT+CMGF Message Format
AT+CSCA Service Centre Address
AT+CSMP Set Text Mode Parameters
AT+CSDH Show Text Mode Parameters
AT+CSCB Select Cell Broadcast Message Types
AT+CSAS Save Settings
AT+CRES Restore Settings
AT+CNMI New Message Indications to TE
AT+CMGL List Messages
AT+CMGR Read Message
AT+CNMA New Message Acknowledgement to ME/TA
AT+CMGS Send Message
AT+CMSS Send Message from Storage
AT+CMGW Write Message to Memory
AT+CMGD Delete Message

AT commands for PDU Mode :
AT Attention command
AT+CMGL List message
AT+CMGR Read message
AT+CMGS Send message
AT+CMSS Send from storage
AT+CMGW Write message to memory
AT+CMGD Delete message
You can download complete AT command list from the links below.

For text mode :
 Download PDF
For pdu mode :
Download PDF
These two files contain the detailed information on what are the commands for Mobile Handset and what will be the output of each command. It is easy believe me !!
NOTE : all the content I wrote is related to mobile application development using AT commands. AT commands are very useful for serial port communication with attached device on serial port.

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