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MySQL is open source database. We had always seen MySQL with PHP. Generally we know MySQL is database engine for PHP. It’s true because .net does not have inbuilt support for MySQL database. We need to install other tools to make it work perfectly. In order to work with MySQL in .net you need to install MySQL Server and MySQL Connector. You can create function and procedure in MySQL version 5.1 and later. At the same time you will get great user interface to manage database. You will get interface just like MS SQL server management studio. MySQL Connector is used to add database connectivity support in Visual Studio. Download Connector depending upon the .net framework you use and Visual studio you work on.  Version 5.1 GA (Generally Available) and later is recommended for .net framework 2.0 and higher.

Problems I faced:

  1. Syntax of MySQL is very different from MS SQL server.
  2. Error console of MySQL is not that user friendly.
  3. Migration of MS SQL Database to MySQL is quite difficult.
  4. Because it’s not Microsoft product you won’t find any inbuilt programming level support. Ex. It’s really hard to work use LINQ if your backend is MySQL.

Download Latest MySQL Database Server and Connector (Click Here).


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