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Updatepanel is part of AJAX Extension 1.0 and later provided by Microsoft. Update panel is used to hide page refresh using some standard mechanism. But What about speed? In my experience updatepanel is the best solution if your page does not contain large number of components. And make sure controls you used is supported by updatepanel. Because controls like GridView,Treeview and more , are not supported by updatepanel. So you can expect behaviours change if you put it inside updatepanel.

I have recently trusted on updatepanel and used in my page where speed is the primary concern and that page was almost dead. So avoid using updatepanel where speed is primary requirement.

I have used Prototype AJAX in my application. It’s faster and better. Give it a try.  I tried to use jQuery AJAX but it has not that much support for ASP.net 2.0, its very good if you working on ASP.net 3.0 or ASP.net 3.5 version of .net.

So the conclusion is , avoid using updatepanel to get better speed , insted you can use Prototype or jQuery AJAX to get the best speed and performance of your application.  Googling around the web and you will get many working example of protory and jquery.


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