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Recently I have observed that listbox scrollbar has virtualization problem when we re-bind listbox. Let me explain this with an example.

I have added 50 items into listbox control programmatically. Here is the screenshot for the same.

Image after 50 Items bound to listbox

Normal Listbox Binding

Re-bind listbox

Re-bind button click without scroll bar move

As you can see I have added two buttons to Reset and to Re-bind listbox again.

If I click on any of the button everything will work as expected but real problem is when we move scroll bar to bottom of the listbox and we re-bind listbox data.

See what kind of problem you shall face.

Problem displaying data

Solution :

Use scrolltoview function after assigning ItemsSource to listbox. See code snippet below.

 List<ListBoxItem> a=GetItemsList(txt,count);

listbox1.ItemsSource = a;







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